About Nashville Farrier and Horse Training

My name is Sarah Raynowska and I’ve been riding and training horses for 30 years.  Over the past 30 years I’ve taken my passion and love for horses and turned it into a career.  Through my study of natural horse experts, I’ve developed a special approach to natural hoof trimming and natural horse training. I love working on horses in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area.

Equine education includes:

  • Pat Parelli level 1-4 home study courses
  • Clinton Anderson beginning-advanced home study courses
  • Parelli Fast Track course
  • Parelli Horse and Soul tours
  • Horse Expo in Pomona, CA
  • Parelli Tour in Colorado
  • Parelli Tour in North Carolina
  • Monty Roberts Join-Up expo
  • California Horse Expo 5yrs in a row
  • Clinton Anderson Down Under Horsemanship expo

Equine accomplishments include:

  • Level 3++ certification in all four savvys while attending the Parelli fast Track course during the summer of 2012.
  • Big Horn Rodeo Pole Bending & Barrel Racing High Point Champ in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011
  • 1st in Barrels and Pole bending and 2nd in the Flag Race at the Road Runner Rodeo in Phoenix, Arizona
  • CV Vaqueros Gymkhana high Point 2012
  • CV Vaqueros Gymkhana high Point 2011
  • San Marcos, CA Gymkhana High Point in 2001