Nashville Natural Horse Training

friesian groundworkI constantly strive to increase my equine knowledge by studying many natural horse experts. I believe knowledge can be gained from all types of trainers, so I have studied Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Monty Roberts, Kalley Krickeberg, and many others. After over 30 years of studying the wisdom of other horse experts and working with all different types of horses, I have established a system of natural horse training.

horse training groundwork

The many horses I have owned, trained, and observed have been and continue to be my best teachers. No two horses are exactly the same, and I love the challenge of teaching fundamental skills to each new horse. It is simply breathtaking to watch the transformation that a good solid foundation can make with any horse. No matter what level they are at in their training or how extreme their training issues are.

Nashville Barrel racing

I use natural horsemanship methods to develop a respectful, obedient, and willing partner. Because groundwork is the key to building a strong foundation, I use over 50 groundwork exercises to establish a solid relationship of respect and trust with each horse I work with. By building a strong foundation on the ground, horses learn much quicker once under saddle. I like a popular phrase of Parelli’s: ‘Do more now, so you can do less later.

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