Sarah was an answer to our prayers. She knows horses so well, and is such a confident leader. There is no limit to what she can do. She has worked with nine of our horses, and gotten the results we wanted in a short amount of time. She taught our yearlings and two year old all their groundwork and trailer loading. She taught a foal to bathe and trailer load comfortably in two lessons. She trained our 5 year old Friesian stallion, who had only been backed 10 times. She is now working with our Dressage mare, who has some major holes in her training. Sarah also excels in hooves, she knows how to fix and prevent problems… It is such a delight working with Sarah. Morning Forever Friesians Lebanon, TN”

Tricia Kastens-Lebanon, TN

freisians horse show

“Most AWESOME trainer in the valley….big kisses to Cinnamon and Josey”

Robert Edelburg-Palm Springs, CA

horse jumping

“We have three donkeys that were way past due to have their hooves trimmed – one also had issues with Laminitis. In the past it had always been a traumatic event for both the donkeys and me when it came time to be trimmed. In the past the farrier we used would basically just wrestle the donkeys to the ground (which traumatized both them & me). Not the case at all with Sarah. She came out on Saturday morning and OH MY GOSH – I cannot even begin to say enough great things about the wonderful job she did and the fantastic way she worked with our donkeys (and us!). Through her patience and total understanding of the animals she was able to get halters on all three and did a superb job trimming their hooves. Their feet have NEVER looked better. I am so thankful we found her – she is definitely a “Donkey Whisperer”!!! It was such a good education for me and my husband as we are very green when it comes to working with donkeys. Sarah was nice enough to share her wealth of information and we both now feel more comfortable around them. We will be on a schedule now for their trimmings and I will actually be looking forward to trimming time instead of dreading it like I used to in the past. THANK YOU AGAIN SARAH!!!”

Jayne Warren- Cookeville, TN

donkey trimming

“Where do I start? Sarah and I have know each other for quite some time. Our relationship began with her being a client of mine ( I’m a retired Farrier). My first visit to her place, she was under the horse with me. Watching every move I made. I first thought she was just one of those people that wanted you to think they knew what was going on. I quickly realized that was not the case, She was being a sponge. Absorbing everything that happened. Within a little while, she was traveling with me when she could and expanding her exposure to the many type of horses that I was caring for.

As I have said, this was in the beginning and quite some time ago. I have since retired from the Farrier World and Sarah has gone on and surpassed me in knowledge and maybe experience. I own horses and take care of their feet myself (mostly) Sarah is pretty much the only person I’ll call to help if I need it.

We meet pretty much on a regular basis with Sarah sharing her experiences since we had last seen each other. I find myself now asking the questions and learning from her. She has grown to be very knowledgable not just with horses feet but overall condition as well. Sarah has helped me in developing feeding plans to improve the condition of an older horse that didn’t seem to want to keep weight on. She has helped in setting up an exercise program to condition a horse that I use in Mounted Shooting competition. I acquired another horse that seemed to have never received any basic training. Sarah has put a good base on this horse that has allowed me to take it on to other things. Making a Good mount. I said at the start ” where do I begin” Now I’m finding it hard to find a place to stop. My admiration and respect for Sarah and her knowledge of Horses has no bounds.

David Harmon – Portland, Tn

cowboy mounted shooting

Sarah is AMAZING! She is so knowledgeable about not just the hoof but the whole horse. My 11 year old Appendix gelding, Dash, has been through several barefoot farriers. They all had their opinion, skill level, and knowledge of their craft, but Sarah is the only one who actually fixed his problem. Dash would buck and limp due to an “unidentified” issue in his left hind leg or hip. He was in pain and expressing it the only way he could, by bucking whenever I cantered him. No one could specifically say what the issue was. I paid for lots of treatments: 3 months at the trainer, an equine chiropractor, vet x-rays & evaluations, stretching exercises and massages, as well as various supplements and medicines, but nothing fixed the problem. Then I found Sarah. After she pointed out the unusual wearing of the inside of his rear hooves and 5 trims later, Dash no longer bucked. The subtle but unusual wearing of the hoof wall may not seem like a big thing, but it was a really big deal! It’s a pleasure riding again, for both of us. Thank you, Sarah!

Lynn Anton – Pegram, TN

Sarah is an amazing individual and has done a great job in educating both me and my horse. I’ve used two other trainers in the area without much success. I would not trust my animals with anyone else. She is very talented.

Julie Miller-Wilson – Mt. Juliet, TN


Sarah is a miracle worker with our horses. Incredibly knowledgeable and patient with horse and human alike! We have all learned so much and will continue to do so. Couldn’t ask for a better trainer or farrier!

Melissa Standley – Joelton, TN


Thanks to Sarah and her patience this horse now has no stifle problems, no shoulder problems or hoof issues. Who would’ve guessed it was all related to hoof angles!

Patricia Curry – Cottontown, TN


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