Nashville Farrier Service Price List

The following are the costs for my farrier DSCF1296service in
Sumner County and areas North of Nashville. Learn about my Natural Hoof Trimming Technique. Please reach out to me on my contact us page to learn more or to schedule a time for your horses farrier 

Hoof Trimming Fee’s (Initial setup trims and all followup trims):
$65 – Horses and Ponies
$55 – All Mini’s

**$20 extra for extremely long/overgrown hooves

Travel Fees:

$35 -Single horse appointments

$20 -2 or more horses at the same location

** $20 extra for areas outside Sumner County

Authorized hoof boot dealer for Easycare, Cavallo, Equine Fusion, and Swiss Galoppers

$60 -Hoof Boot Fitting and Evaluation (50% off if included with trim)
– I carry a fit kit for Easycare (Glove and Backcountry Models), all Cavallo boots, Fusion Jogging Shoes, and Swiss Galoppers


Hoof Evaluation/Setup trim

This visit will consist of pulling shoes if needed and trimming the hooves as well as evaluating the current condition of the horses hooves. To include but not limited to: length and depth of cracks, bacterial/fungal infections, collateral grooves depth, sole thickness, founder/laminitis risk, etc. A discussion about the horses diet, environment it lives in, and what type of riding the horse will be doing. All of these things will factor into how I trim the hooves as well as what a good trimming schedule (Ideally every 5-8 weeks) would be for that particular horse.

Follow-up trims

Trimming the hooves as well as monitoring the progress of any abnormalities. I will continually adjust the trim to improve the condition of the hoof with every visit.