Nashville Natural Hoof Trimming

Nashville horse shoeingI am passionate about natural hoof trimming. My interest in natural trimming began when one of my horses started to have a lot of trouble with her feet. She had always had soft feet, but they were getting much worse. She developed chronic laminitis so I began to study the hoof.

After countless hours of research and apprenticing with farriers in California, as well as David Harmon in Tennessee, I began shoeing and trimming my own horses. I soon found myself studying the feet of every horse I saw, and it wasn’t pretty. I saw many horses that were uncomfortable because their feet were not trimmed properly. This led me to become a professional farrier.

I have since focused my Nashville Horse Trimming Servicefarrier services on natural barefoot trimming. There is a huge difference between trimming a horse that will be shod and trimming one that will be kept barefoot. I still continue to follow and study other barefoot professionals like Pete Ramey. I take great pride in continuing to be a student of the horse hoof. The day I stop learning is the day I have failed my 4 legged clients.

Every horse is unique, and that requires me to trim the hoof in a manner that will allow the horse to function and thrive the way it was designed to be.

In 2012 i started working with Easycare to be able to properly fit hoof boots. I am now a rep for the Easycare boot company which allows me to offer a wide variety of hoof boots for all types of riding. As well as using Easyshoe glue on’s as an alternative to metal nail on shoes.

If you’re interested in our hoof trimming services in and around Nashville, please check out our farrier service price sheet and reach out to us on our contact us page.